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Vicki is a photographer who hails from Glastonbury, CT. A life-long resident of Connecticut she has visited may of the state’s parks, historical sites, towns & villages. Being involved in fife & drum for well over 35 years she has traveled extensively throughout New England.

Vicki has a unique ability to see the finest detail to the big scene which is reflected in her photography. She has won awards at the Audubon Society’s Photo Exhibit and Sale, Hebron Fair winner and other local photo contests. She also had done magazine work for Nails magazine, January 2010 issue and photos for press releases for Star Nail International.
Vicki is married to her wonderful husband Bob for over 20 yrs and they share their life with their collage age daughter Nancy.

“Vicki Miorelli communicates her unique artistic vision through photography. her images often evoke emotion and draw the viewer into creating their own stories around the captured scenes. She distills the beauty and serenity she finds in everyday settings into artwork that clearly conveys her view of new England.” Richard Murkland, Richarddigitalphotos
” Vicki Miorelli has a singularly authentic artistic vision that she exhibits through her photographic images. Vicki’s Connecticut heritage is captured in many exceptional photographs. One viewing her art feels and unexpected familiarity with both Vicki and New England.” Sherrydigital photos


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  1. Dorothy Ogden says:

    If you might be interested in displaying your work at an event at Tryon Farm in S. Glastonbury, I would love to talk to you about it.

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