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My “Creation Shots Photography” came about when I started to travel for my job. I have always loved photography and God blessed me with a job that allows me to travel all around New England and upstate NY for my business. Landscape is probably my favorite, but I am learning about portrait also. I stepped back to realize that all the beautiful creation shots came from him and I could share it through my eyes. In a world of busyness every day, it’s capturing the moments that tells a story. Simple moments in your daily life, a chance kiss, a smile, and an event that only comes once in a life time, the camera has allowed me to share those powerful times. With a pop of color, and a speechless shot, they have become an extension of my thoughts; new pictures are born every day.
My passion for photography started with film, like so many people. That was a costly thing and with the onset of digital, things changed rapidly. Digital has allowed me to take many more shots and pick out the best one without the cost of film. With my job being what it is, I can stop anywhere and take that one special shot. Since I live in a local area that is full of picturesque history and beauty, I started to capture those moments some years ago and never go anywhere without a camera.
I am a Canon fan and started with an xTi camera. I converted that one to IR, and have a 50D and a new 7D. I come from the school of plug it in and go and have learned that the “Manual” is there for a reason and have learned to use the camera the way the manufacturer meant it to be. I guess we are never too old to learn folks.

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