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I started out as a small child with a “charming smile” , despite the gap toothed grin. My first camera was a Brownie box camera, easy to use but not a lot of resolution to be had.  As I got older and could afford to buy my own camera I splurged and bought a Ricoh, big mistake! That’s the way we learn.
In the Navy I went crazy and got my first SLR, the Captain thought I took better pictures than the Mini Doc (Navy Corpman) and made me the unoffical boats photographer. I did really well on patrol but it all went down the tubes whenever we got liberty…I think it had something to do with the number of bars in proximity to the base!
I’ve taken many pictures since then, and some of them were actually in focus, the bar thing again I suspect.  I finally graduated to a REAL camera when I purchased my first Nikon ( I know this will ellicit a comment or two from the Canon users).  Have worked my way up to a full frame camera and have begun hanging out with other similarly interests in the Shooters Gallery.  We may not all be budding ( well some of us have already budded long ago) Ansel Adames (Adams???) but we do have some fun!
Just like this biography its all about fun and trying new stuff …… Okay everyone say Cheeeeze….Click …. got it!
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  1. j2vphoto says:

    OH…and I just caught the canon remark. Your FUNNY!

  2. fgavigan says:

    I can but try ….. laughter is the food of the soul someone once said ….. maybe that’s why I gained weight!

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